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We will be your trusted IT Partner, guiding you through the constantly-changing world of technology, keeping you secure and stable, and productive.

No Contracts

Relationships are NOT built on contracts; instead, we believe the core foundation for relationships is built upon trust, hard work, and communication.  This is why we don’t require a contract, prepaid blocks of time, or any other financial gimmick designed to work against the client.

NorthGuard Shield

NorthGuard Shield is the core of keeping you safe and protected.  NGS includes next-generation antivirus/antimalware protection, ransomware protection, patch and update managements, and additional stability-enhancing features.

Quarterly Scans and Reviews

We will conduct quarterly security scans and remediate any findings to continually ensure you are secure and compliant through constantly changing times.


We leverage decades of experience and relationships to help you succeed in your business, increase productivity, and help to make technology work FOR  you.

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