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My name is Bill Unger and I founded NorthGuard Group because I thoroughly believe we can do better. I believe in relationships, hard work, and community. I believe in a healthy life/work balance, and I work to ensure technology works FOR you, not against you.

I have over 25 years of IT experience with 22 of those years partnering with clients in Northern Michigan, many of whom I have worked with for over a decade.

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) model is often promoted as the best way to maintain a stable IT system. However, in reality, the high-priced flat fee for this service can be a way for MSPs to make money without fully earning it. The core components of managed service include standardization and automated tools, but these make up only a small percentage of the monthly fee. This is why MSPs may increase the contracted fee or not renew the contract if they spend too many labor hours on a client.

NorthGuard Technology Group offers an alternative approach to managed services. We provide proactive and secure services using the same standards and tools as traditional MSPs, but with a different pricing model. We charge a monthly per-device fee to cover the costs for multi-layered security services such as next-generation antivirus protection, vulnerability assessment, ransomware protection, password management, and automated services to ensure the computer is healthy.

Additionally, we do not require contracts and only charge for work that is actually performed. Our focus is on building relationships with our clients through clear communication, trust, and integrity, rather than relying on a contract to ensure we continue to work together. This approach ensures that our clients only pay for the services they actually need and use, and it fosters a transparent and fair billing model.

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